Designed by truckers, for truckers, but great for all highway road warriors, RVers, traveling business people, families with screaming kids, hitchhikers, you name it.
This is the only printed publication (yes, printed, because even in today’s digital age, it just works better) allowing you to see virtually every upcoming truck stop/travel center or rest area for hundreds of miles on a single page, in sequential order, in less than two seconds. Try doing that with your fancy app.
Designed as a quick reference tool, the Pocket Truck Stop Guide provides drivers with basic transit critical data, i.e., the locations of truck stops or rest areas in sequential order, the size of the parking area, whether the facility has a scale, or if it has minor or major repair facilities close by.
If you are in a storm or dense fog, if you’re in a small town and need to find a scale, if you’re getting drowsy or if you’re just plain hungry and need to stop, you can find the next best place to pull off without needing a signal, having to login or pinch out, your battery going dead, yada yada.
After more than twenty years, we’ve sold millions and we’re still going strong. Go ahead and give us a try. It’s guaranteed or your money back.