The Pocket Truck Stop Guide®

Our apologies. We are working on the new edition #29 which will go to press this week. The next edition should be available on this site by October 15. There are TONS of updates in the new edition: especially the never ending openings of new Love’s Travel Stops (yeah, that’s a good thing!).

Due to the constant changes in the truck stop industry, there are always new stops opening or closing. So, edition #28 is not actually out of date; it just doesn’t list changes that have occurred within the last eight months or so. IF YOU STILL WANT TO BUY THE PREVIOUS EDITION, IT IS AVAILABLE AT HALF PRICE, $2.50, Sorry, but postage ain’t cheap these days, so we’re still asking for part of it, $2.00.

Thanks for understanding. Thanks for your interest. B well. B safe.